Industry: making use of our know-how, our size, our skilled workforce, and the technologies at our disposal.
Atelier: Maintaining the workshop culture where tradition and passion preserve the notion of flexibility and artisan labour.
Stone: working with marble, granite, composite marble but also precious and innovative materials.

Here is an act of love towards the stone and a total commitment towards the designers who, all over the world, try to combine the beautiful with the functional, to help people to appreciate what they are looking at, to meet customer's requirements in a creative manner.

We put facilities at their disposal that are able to give advice on the choice of materials, processing, technical decisions; a well-equipped and technologically updated production plant, that is able to improve what has been planned and worked; all this with the maximum care in our workshops.

about us


Since 1950 we working marble, granite, composite marble and terrazzo tiles. Buying blocks directly from the quarries, cutting them thanks to particular sawing machines and transforming the raw materials into extraordinary finished products.



We collaborate with the most important companies in order to find the best materials, which is why many furniture companies have chosen us as their preferred partners.



We provide a project service and solution to industry, professionals and public enterprises, both for contract and showroom, private house.

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