Agate is a relatively large stone with beautiful veins which emphasize its beauty. The name comes from the greek Achates, the ancient name of the Sicilian river Dirillo, on whose banks  a lot of Agate could be found. It has a good hardness and can be transparent.

Colour: variety of colours, sometimes with imaginative designs.
Features: This gemstone is cut in thinly slices ​​and polished to enhance its charm. This technique puts particular emphasis on the colorful stripes in its interior, which resemble the growth rings of a tree. Agate is often artificially dyed to intensify the color shades.
Deposits: The agates are found in cavities of lava rocks, they are rare in veins and hydrothermal sediments. The locations where they can be found are the southern part of Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Uruguay and even Yemen, India, Mongolia. There are also sites in the USA, Germany and Czech Republic.
For its beauty and abundance it is widely used in jewelry, but also in interior furnishings (tables, floors , furniture).

wild agate agata big

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