Engineered stone is a composite building material made of mechanically-fragmented rocks with the addition of a binding substance so as to compact it. It is then cut into slabs, tiles and other architectural elements. Engineered stones are often used both in residential housing and in public building.

Multicoloured marble fragments from Italian quarries are smashed into grains of different dimension (from 9 cm across to powder of a few microns). Marble grains are then mixed into special machinery with polyester resin and other additives, including catalyst, accelerant and – if a particular chromatic effect is requested– metallic oxides. The mixture is then packed into a vacuum container where it is vibrated and compressed at ambient temperature. During this compaction process, the vacuum mixture takes finally the form of the desired block.

The 1.2 cm thick slabs are inserted into the production line and cut into marble-chip floor tiles, whose size is programmed according to the specific order. On the contrary, if the slabs are more than 2 cm thick, they can be alternatively used for different products (staircases, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, wall sheathings, tables and fireplaces), apart from the direct sale.

This material is made of quartz (more than 90%) and polyester resin. Its surface is highly stain, scratch and collision resistant and flexible. Since it is impermeable to liquids like oil, vinegar, wine, lemon juice and so on, engineered quartz is recommended especially for kitchen countertops. Its large array of colours and versatility make it suitable to meet a wide range of requirements and go with any interior design solution.

Suitable for flooring installations, bathrooms, tables, fireplaces, kitchen countertops and any other interior design solution.


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