ILEXA ® is the result of the union of excellence, where the Italian design combines with  technology to deliver the true Italian Style of Life.

An important selection of materials and products based on quartz, carefully chosen by experts to give a concrete and effective response to the needs of the most demanding customers.

The peculiarity of the entire production ILEXA® is the use of high quality materials:

Ch-roma, one of the most innovative materials, is a mixture of quartz and special polymers that ensures high purity, durability, strength and a varied, colored and natural appearance.

Quartz Compac is one of the toughest materials and the most beautiful of nature. A luxury for the home, particularly suitable for kitchen countertops and vanity tops.

3 Collections, 37 colours, 6 sinks and 6 bathroom vanity tops.

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ilexa quartz
It is a solid material, but also elegant, sophisticated and above all very durable over the years. Guaranteed 15 years. ILEXA QUARTZ proved to be a perfect choice for kitchen countertops.

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ilexa hardesia
ILEXA HARDESIA shows the effect of warm and charming Slate, it also reproduces its features. It can be used not only for the kitchen and bathroom, but also for any interior spaces. Guaranteed 15 years.

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ilexa sinks&vanities
Collection of integrated sinks and washbasins, six forms for the bathroom and six for the kitchen, but with possibility to customize forms. All the sinks have CE certification and are guaranteed for 5 years to breakage due to thermal shock.

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