Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli : one of the most important raw materials in art history.

Colour: blue

Features: lapis lazuli stone is versatile and very much appreciated. it is fascinating for its lovely colour and the golden pyrite. It is often used in sculptures or to adorn rings and pendants with cabochon cut. As ornamental stone in indoor fountains, its intense blue color comes alive in contact with water.

Deposits : Afghanistan , Chile and Russia.

History : lapis lazuli has always been a very popular stone in jewelry. But the value that it covers in the cultural history of mankind is mainly due to its function as the main material for the production of colour aquamarine. Ground, reduced to powder, and mixed with binders, it was used to create the shiny blue watercolors, tempera or oil paints .
The color is a deep blue (but there are also samples with blue colour, depending on the amount of calcite ), and from this derives its name, made from the Latin lapis (stone) and lazuli, genitive of medieval Latin lazulum, meaning " blue".

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