OKITE® is a registered trademark denoting a compound of quartz, resin and coloured pigments treated with a high-tech patented process.
OKITE® is resistant to abrasion and chemical agents. Besides, unlike many natural stones, liquids seep through it only to a very small extent (0,02%). It comes in a large array of colours, such as the OKITE Venati range and the OKITE® Prisma range (with reflective mirrors).

OKITE® is suitable for interior design, especially for kitchen countertops and the bathroom.

In addition to the usual polished surface, some colours are available in a “velvety” range (Aida Collection).

1001 Bianco Thassos1002 Bianco Statuario1095 Beige Chiaro1114 Nero Assoluto1379 Bianco1405 Grigio Scuro1432 Grigio Chiaro1501 Cemento1502 Belgian Blue1621 Crema Caffe1625 Bianco Regina1642 Crema1663 Bianco Classico1664 Bianco Raffaello1665 Bianco Assoluto1701 Verde Medea1706 Easy Beige1707 Easy Brown1708 Easy Taupe1709 Easy Grey1715 Afyon1717 Roman Stone1801 Verde Oriente1804 Nero Reale1881 Prisma Blu Capri1896 Bianco Carrara1910 Grigio1911 Grigio Nordico1926 Crema Botticino1927 Crema Marfil1929 Giallo Michelangelo1931 Arabescato Verde1932 Grigio Bardiglio1934 Marrone Emperador2003 Prisma Rosso2005 Prisma Bianco2008 Prisma Grigio2009 Prisma Nero2170 Tabacco2175 Prisma Rosa3100 Wenpec Bianco3101 Tranche Grey3102 Jota Brown

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