Precious stones by Antolini

Antolini is the largest producer of marble, granite and other stone slabs such as onyx, alabaster, lapis, travertine and sandstone.
The company has the widest range of slabs and natural blocks with a thousand kinds of different colours. We are Antolini dealers since 2006; this collaboration allows us to have a huge variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

Here are some of the stones at our disposal.

arco iris onice bigazul imperiale granito bigblack cosmic granito bigbronze amani marmo bigbrown chocolate granito bigcosta smeralda granito bigelegant brown granito bigfantastico onice biggolden crema granito biggrigio amani marmo bigiris green marmo bigmatrix granito bignuvolato onice bigpewrsa avorio granito bigred malibu granito big


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