Slates are a variety of allothigenous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks originated from Brazil and also widely produced in North Italy, especially in the quarries located in Fontanabuona valley in Liguria and in the Piemontese area near Cuneo. Slate is the result of the progressive sedimentation of marl, a very thin slime, formed during mountain-building events. It is considered a soft/medium-hard rock and it looks solid, calcareous and easily workable. It occurs in many shades of grey, from pale to dark. Slate is likely to lighten gradually since it is quarried until it takes a light-grey pigment: the dark shade, in fact, is due to a carbonaceous residue which volatilizes in contact with oxygen, humidity and ultraviolet radiations.

By virtue of his schistosity (the property to be split off easily into thin slabs), slate is particularly suitable to be used in several craft and manufacturing industries, such as architecture and construction (roofing, flooring and staircase installations), art & design and decorative objects.  Slate has been especially opted – in the past and nowadays – for wide ranging architecture works (the huge utilization in the medieval buildings in Genoa is a testimony of that), such as for refined relief portals.

Natural split tiles or polished and smooth surface.


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