Industry: Making use of our know-how, size, skilled workforce, and the technologies at our disposal

We are specialised in high-level realisations, both for standard supply products and artistic complementary furniture. Thanks to the CNC Water-jet technology, we are able to realise high precision and highly particular and detailed works.

Our realisations for the building industry, the interior design and the sacred, are addressed to indoor and outdoor: floor covering, panelings, stairs, door frames, fountains, etc
We work also the solid stone to realise shower trays, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, columns, stairs, bathroom sinks, etc.


  • We are an important partner for the building industry because of our assistance during the execution of the works. We help them choose the right materials that create a pleasant and harmonious environment.



  • We provide furniture for home, shops, showrooms and factories combining aesthetics and simplicity of forms. We use the best natural and innovative materials in order to make proposals that add style and elegance to the realisation.



  • A realisation destined to pass through centuries and damage of time can’t set apart from the use of stone, as demonstrated by the beauties brought to us by our ancestors.



  • We are a modern industry equipped with the best technologies available ensuring accurancy and speed in the production of the finished products.


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