We provide furniture for home, shops, showrooms and factories combining aesthetics and simplicity of forms. We use the best natural and innovative materials in order to make proposals that add style and elegance to the realisation.



We provide custom furniture for pubs and shops (counters, floors and coverings) and for houses (fireplaces, floor coverings, panelings, tables, sinks, bathtubs, pools, shower trays, etc.). We also offer solutions for gardens (benches, fountains, vases, floor coverings, sculptures, columns, lintels, frames, etc) and urban furnishing (benches, riddles, fountains, sculptures, columns, etc).

The wide range of innovative materials we work allows us to let our imagination be free, giving the opportunity to customer or designers to realise every desire, choosing the style and the material that best suits their needs.

Some materials, more than others, lend themselves to realise furniture with unique characteristics in terms of forms and style. The minimal style, combined with the "Stonewave" technology and the tradition of stone gives rise to rational design products, enhanced by the refinement a prestige of the material that surrounds them.

Marmotech is a Simeg exclusive in collaboration with Arch. Giancarlo Vegni who wanted to reproduce with the stone what in the world of wood is wood strips. The result is an original product particularly pleasing to see.

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