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About us


Day by day, we bring beauty and functionality to the world in the new “Stone Age”.


Serving customers every day with appropriate solutions that respect the environment, the result of combining material provided by nature with human intervention that shapes without distorting.


Customer care, as a guide for everyday action. Quality care, as a rule in everything we do. Respect for the environment, as a style of behaviour.

About us

Stone industry and atelier

Since 1934, Simeg has been turning stone materials into bespoke products for indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Our history is rooted in the processing of slabs of natural material.

Today, our traditional ability to transform marble and granite has been expanded to a wider range of materials such as quartz, sintered stones and large size ceramics with thickness ranging from 3 to 20 mm.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Italy in San Severino Marche (MC), within the Marche region’s district known for the best manufacturers of furnishing elements: wood, glass, leather and steel.

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