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Our factory


The stone industry

Mechanical processing, manual finishing and strict final quality control always guarantee excellent results.

Each of the employees involved in the manufacturing department is specialised in one or more stages: cutting, edge and surface polishing, numerical control processing, gluing and finishing.

The company also has an efficient in-house carpentry shop dedicated to the production of bespoke wooden packing to secure each piece during transport.

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Our slab warehouse

Our customers have a wide seleztion of items always available, thanks to our stock of more than 25,000 square metres of slabs.

Such a warehouse allows us to to guarantee on-time delivery and to shorten the lead time of most job orders.

Dedicated indoor spaces protect synthetic materials such as quartz agglomerates or marble resin from ultraviolet rays and temperature changes, thus preserving the colour and structure of the slabs.


The stone atelier

Bespoke solutions are our philosophy. This is why our showroom is the atelier of stone.

Like fabric samples in a tailor’s shop, our customers can touch the different materials, compare surface finishes and choose the right colour for their bespoke project.

Visitors are guided through our gallery and can find inspiration through a series of evocative and engaging possibilities to play with stone.

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