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How we work

From the idea to customer care

This is how we work


Bespoke solutions are our core business. We work with our customers to establish the feasibility of every project and remove any potential obstacle. We share our knowledge of materials and their use to ensure successful projects. We handle site survey measurements, on a template or directly on the cladding surface.

Project management

We have acquired extensive experience in project management and we constantly listen to customers’ feedbacks to refine our work procedure. Upon entering into a contract, we create a dedicated inter-departmental team for the project to coordinate purchases, technical development, manufacturing and logistics with the goal of organising the work according to the established deadlines.


We work hand in hand with the customers to create mock-ups, prototypes and samples. Whether they are destined for a new furnishing catalogue or a full environment set-up, our prototypes allow our clients to try out the finishes first hand. In addition, they allow us to build experience in the transformation process and create learning economies to share with our customers.


We offer companies the possibility to inspect our products directly at the factory, right before shipping. We always perform dry test installations for compositions, floors and cladding. Additionally, we guarantee the possibility of performing testing and selection of the slabs of natural material before cutting them. This is an essential step to make sure that the finished product corresponds to the expected quality.


In addition to the site survey, we provide installation services on request so as to offer turnkey solutions for all our stone material supplies. We coordinate experienced and specialised teams to supervise installation in Italy and abroad.

After-sale service

Even stone needs some care and maintenance over time. We perform repairs and restoration work on surfaces directly on site, applying the best sealers and colour enhancing treatments.