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We select the best natural and innovative materials to make each project unique and as close as possible to aesthetic perfection.


Natural stones are our history and our focus. These materials are the result of thousands years of transformation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Their uniqueness and beauty represent a precious value. Natural stones are still processed the same way they were processed in ancient Rome: extraction in quarries, sawing of blocks into slabs, transformation in the lab, where they are turned into unique pieces. Marble, granite, onyx, travertine, porphyry, quartzite, slate, limestone and semi-precious stones are just some of the extraordinary creations of nature. Man’s hand shapes each stone and makes it different by applying different surface finishes: polished, honed, lether, flamed, sandblasted or bush-hammered.

Together with no-label materials coming from all over the world, we offer exclusive selections of Antolini®, the Sensa® granite line by Cosentino and K-proof® quartzite by Marmotex.

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Large-format ceramics represent an important innovation in the field of interior design and wall cladding with thicknesses of up to 3 mm, makes every project possible, together with the value of lightness and resistance.

Ceramic materials offer physical-chemical characteristics that make them suitable as countertops for the kitchen or as vanities. They are easily washable, hygienic, resistant to acids and high temperatures.

The collections range from solid colours to veined ones, which follow the aesthetics of natural materials, always offering the right solution for every project.

Simeg has been working for years with the best brands on the market, such as Laminam®, Dekton® by Cosentino, Lapitec®, Inalco® and Marazzi® with its collection “The Top-Grande”.


Quartz agglomerates are materials that have been known for their characteristics for several years now. The slabs are mixes of 90-95% pure natural quartz, synthetic or natural resin and a small percentage of natural pigments.

This composition ensures excellent surface performance against abrasions, chemical agents and liquid absorption. It is water-proof and thus highly hygienic.

It is ideal for manufacturing kitchen countertops, but it can be equally used for floors, cladding and any interior surface that must withstand intensive use. Silestone® by Cosentino, Okite® and Ilexa® are three of the brands that we process.

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Among marble agglomerates, there are materials such as marble-resin and marble-concrete.

Marble-resin is born from the desire to recreate a surface like the natural one by recovering quarry scraps and in so doing saving natural resources and creating a new product with high-tech characteristics. The material is 90% made of natural marble. The remaining portion is a resin that acts as a binding agent and ensures good physical and mechanical characteristics.

Colours are unique in terms of hue and veins and the finishes available are polished, honed, bush-hammered and sandblasted. Marble-concrete instead, also known as terrazzo tiles, is made of a mix of marble fragments, natural colouring oxides and concrete. The mix gives life to the traditional and elegant terrazzo tiles, available in small and medium sizes.