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Our history

It was Nello Grandinetti in 1934 who launched the production of terrazzo tiles in a factory near the Potenza river, just outside the city of San Severino Marche in Italy, shortly afterwards founding SIM, Società Industria Marmette.

In the immediate post-war period, SIM was for a long time the company to turn to for reconstruction in central Italy, employing over one hundred people.

In 1957, marble processing was combined with the installation of the first gang saw for blocks.

The modern Simeg, Società Industria Marmi e Graniti, was founded in 1981 by Maria Fausta Grandinetti and Mario Rotini, with the purpose of specialising the company in natural stone processing. In fact, in the same year granite gang saws were also installed.
At the end of the eighties, in addition to the already mature construction sector, the company started to manufacture kitchen countertops.

In 2004, the manufacturing plant was fully renovated with a new plant in the industrial area of San Severino Marche that allowed the expansion of the slab warehouse and the installation of new numerical control machines (CNC).

Thus Simeg transformed not only natural materials, but also quartz and large format ceramics. Simeg offers products for a wide range of applications: kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, interior furnishing as well as luxury residential, retail and naval furnishing.

Today the company is headed by Oliviero Rotini, who has now also been joined for some time by the fourth generation of the family.

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